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120 miles in 10 days. You can zoom in. You may have to place the cursor in different places to see the entire track. The dots with Lat and Long indicate a place where we camped or had lunch and I turned off the gps. We camped on Big Munson Island (owned by the Boy Scouts)and Mud Key was our last night. Waypoints are not indicated on the map for these 2 islands. We camped on Molasses Key which is privately owned and in the middle of the stretch along the 7 mile bridge.2 nights at Big Pine Key RV park where we were met by fellow campers who gave us beer. After that we were on islands without water necessitating carrying water for 4 people. On the larger islands there are Key Deer who occasionally bark at night using a high pitch short yelp. I miss them! Thanks to Mary and Bill Burnham, intrepid guides and purveyors of good times!

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