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  Resident Goose is not about a goose or geese. Well sometimes, maybe. It's about a Maryland Master Naturalist who kayaks the creeks and rivers of the MidShore looking for things that impact water quality. As a volunteer for ShoreRivers I survey creeks looking for SAV(Sub-Aquatic-Vegetation). I look for grasses just below or at the surface of the water and record where I have seen grasses as waypoints using a GPS. In addition to collecting this data I also make a note of what is happening on the land adjacent to the grasses by noting the shoreline type. Ideally creeks are surveyed twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Some species of grass are only present early in the season and others grow throughout the warm months.

   In June 2019 I kayaked 58miles surveying 6 creeks in the Miles and Wye River

watershed. When I wasn't doing that I kayaked every Wednesday with my friends in our once a week kayak group that has been paddling creeks in and around the MidShore for several years. Those weekly adventures have been recorded using a waterproof camera and GPS to record where and how far we went. The photos and maps were used to create a Kayak Journal which was emailed to everyone in the group. Now they're here sorted by the rivers they flow into. I hope you can find a new place to explore using the journal as a place to start.

  Mike(not a goose)

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